Leadership Team


Apostle Dr Lynne Hamilton, Founder and Senior Minister

Lynne is the Founder and Senior Leader of Forerunners, a company of ministries being used of God since 1997 to establish apostolic & prophetic strongholds throughout the nations. She has written & conducts regular schools and courses in Australia and internationally to train and release people into their ministries, with a particular focus on equipping leaders, both male and female. Lynne’s passion is to help people find their exact place in life and to see people healed, restored and freed to enjoy God, life and relationships. Her present day call as an Apostle to the nations sees her increasingly in demand as a conference speaker, but also as a trusted enabler and help to those leaders seeking to build ministries on a strong apostolic and prophetic foundation.





Brett Hamilton
Brett is a Director of Forerunners as well as Principal of Forerunners Bible College. He is a Prophet and will succeed his mother Lynne Hamilton as Leader of the Ministry. A gifted musician and the original founding Forerunners Worship Director, Brett's heart is now to train, equip & see the Lord's end-time army rise up and take back what is rightfully theirs in Him.


Toni Gordon
Toni is a Director of Forerunners, serving since our foundation in 1997 as company secretary and facilitator of all legal and business requirements. She is also a Prophet with a healing gift and a business focus. Her ministry includes a powerful anointing to see people delivered from freemasonry bondage. She is increasingly called to the nations.


Patricia Usiobaifo
Patricia has served faithfully as Forerunners Missions Director since 2008. She is a prophet with a passion for the nations, especially Africa, to see them established in the truth & power of God's Word & Spirit. Patricia is also an anointed singer/songwriter and a vital part of Forerunners worship team.


Glenice Mills
Glenice serves as Head of Prophetic Development at Forerunners home base on the Gold Coast. She teaches prophetic schools and looks after the progress of people called to this exciting ministry. She also holds the position of National Coordinator for the Womens Apostolic Alliance (WAA), a ministry specialising in the development of Five-Fold women. Glenice is an author as well as a Prophet, and has written several powerful books and manuals. She hails from New Zealand and is called to the nations.


Tony Clark
Tony is a long-time member of Forerunners International who has served faithfully through the years in many areas of ministry. His life and walk with the Lord are a testimony of the goodness of God. He has a heart for God’s people, especially for the downcast and brokenhearted, and was recently ordained in the Office of Pastor. With a call on his life as a Prophet, Tony serves as a gifted worship leader and minister, sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  


Margaret Ochsner
Margaret is a founding member of Forerunners and has served faithfully for 20 years as Head of Restoration Ministry and training. A true Pastor for many years, she has been the love of God to the broken and hurting, the author of several books and teaching manuals, and Apostle Margaret now travels extensively to the nations to train and quip leaders in the heart of the Great Healer Himself, Jesus Christ.


Ruth Paddon
Ruth has worked tirelessly with our ministry for many years, both at home and abroad; including 11 years at our U.K. base as an Apostle in Bath, Somerset. She has written many teaching materials to equip God's people in the prophetic & apostolic ministry. Ruth is mandated for the nations. She has raised and will continue to raise many leaders for the work of the kingdom.


Jesse-John Jabore
Jesse has been one of the great driving forces of this ministry since the very beginning as a 'Barnabas' type prophet and a 'Davidic' musician.
His skill in prophetic worship has enabled us to continue to warfare into realms of breakthrough.
Jesse could be described as everybody's friend, spending his great big heart and wild sense of humour where it is most needed. 


Belinda Jabore
Since our inception in 1997, this worshipping warrior woman has led us in prophetic dance, song, declaration and decree, and ministered as a Prophet consistently and powerfully. Belinda has ministered in just about every department, which will continue to be a focus for her in the future.


Clare Tremeer
Clare is a founding member of Forerunners holding the position of Head of Intercession for the network for 20 years. She is an intercessor and a Prophet; her faithfulness to stand in the gap for us has seen us through so much and enabled great victories along the way. Her passion for prayer has seen her write materials useful to those wanting to pursue the vital ministry. She is now focused on building into the nations.


Paul Mills
Paul has served for many years with us as a Prophet and a minister with a healing gift. He has had a season of pastoring which has now become more focused towards our senior males. He also has an interest in the Kingdoms business realm. Paul hails from New Zealand.